Submission from a Professor at SCAD   Original work printed on letter press, and painted on by his daughter
  Student Submission   Drawn with permanent marker and colored pens
  Student Submission   Collage of different situations while sleeping next to her boyfriend
  Student Submission   Drawn at 6am while trying to get back to sleep
  Example of printed work pre-binding
  Early run of screen printing pages   Each folio needed to be perfectly aligned to the registration marks in order to screen print pages front to back
  6 finished Printed pages   Half of the book was printed front to back on a single sheet of paper. Each print fit 6 of the submitted works burned onto each screen.
  Example of printed pages pre-binding
  Final result   Hand stitched, fully screen-printed zine featuring a collection of 20 prints from SCAD students and staff.
  Reflections of rest   As a culmination of 10 weeks of research and experience with and without sleep. ZZZINE is a representation of creative minds, and how they think/feel about sleep. It is a unique exploration of human interaction, and what it means to reflect on an overlooked aspect of our everyday lives.
  Total runs of ZZINE   because of the efforts to produce each book. ZZZINE no.1 featured 8 total copies printed
  Glamour shot of ZZZINE
  SCAD students and staff work together   I was honor and proud to feature work from both students and staff at SCAD, who took the time to reflect on their experiences with sleep.
  Example of final printed work    
  Example of final printed work
  These are the faces that watch me while I sleep   This student picked out toys that were collected on his various trips around the world, and depicts them in a more intense and eerie light.
  Bedroom snapshots   This student submitted two photographs to the zine. the image on the left is her bedroom at the darkest time of the day. The second image is her bedroom at the lightest point. The photographs are shot from the perspective of here lying in bed
  Glamour shot of ZZZINE
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